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Extra Blackjack Bonus

Blackjack is a game that has widespread appeal. For nearly two centuries, it has been a staple of any decent casino. Its immense popularity has led to the development of innumerable variants as players experiment with new rules, mechanics, and approaches. Bonus Blackjack at a Canadian online casino is one such recent development.



The extra money that can be bet against the player who is dealt a natural blackjack is what makes this game exciting. Canadian players who have discovered this exciting new option are more invested than ever before. Our team of blackjack specialists has been tasked with explaining Bonus Blackjack and ranking the finest places to play the game online for real money; our top option for 2023 is Jackpot City.


The following topics will be discussed here:


The fundamentals of play What sets apart a Bonus Blackjack game on the web from others

How to Choose a Reliable Canadian Online Casino



Like many blackjack variants, Bonus Blackjack zeroes emphasis on a single facet of the standard card game to the exclusion of all others. The objective here is to be dealt a natural blackjack, which consists of an Ace and a ten-value card. The extra bet is made on the result of each hand as it is dealt. For this reason, Bonus Blackjack is a popular choice for Canadians at online casinos. Let’s go over the fundamentals of a blackjack game and figure out how the bonus fits in.


This blackjack variant provides online gamblers with the same exciting game they’ve come to expect from blackjack, with the added thrill of a bonus side bet.

Final Aim

The goal of Bonus Blackjack is the same as that of regular blackjack. It’s the player vs the dealer in this card game. Both the player and the dealer try to get as close to 21 without going over as they can without going bust. Blackjack, often known as a “natural,” is achieved by showing an Ace and another card valued at ten. This combination beats any other possible combination, including those that add up to 21.


Playing the Game

The game begins with a wager, similar to classic blackjack, before any cards are dealt. The bonus is coming up next. A player can wager on whether or not they will receive a blackjack hand as a separate wager. The cards are dealt once everyone has finished betting. The player receives two cards, both of which are exposed. One card is dealt face up to the dealer, while the other is dealt face down and is known as the “hole card.”


If a player has been dealt blackjack and a bonus bet has been placed, the dealer will now distribute the winnings. Then, the hand is over for everyone who didn’t have blackjack, and play moves on to the next round. In the absence of a blackjack, play proceeds as usual.


Here are the player’s current stock choices:


When a player is satisfied with their current hand and does not want any more cards dealt to them, they “stand.”


If a player’s starting hand has two identical cards, they have the option of splitting their cards into two new hands. Both hands are completed with two fresh cards, and they stand or hit based on the stronger of the two. In the event that one of the new hands contains two pairs, the player has the option to divide once again. With a pair of Aces, though, you can only perform a single split and receive a single card. If a player wants to divide their bet, they must put up more money.


When a player chooses to “double down,” they are effectively double their initial wager. No matter the value of their hand, a player always has the option to double down. You can double down after receiving your first two cards or after splitting a pair. If you double down, you can only take one swing before having to stand.


To request another card from the dealer, a player will “hit.”


The dealer has to hit a soft 17 just like in regular blackjack. Because an Ace can be either 1 or 11, a hand with a total value of 17 contains an Ace. Similar to games with a hole card, if the dealer’s up card is a 10 or an Ace, they will check their hole card to see if they have blackjack. The dealer automatically wins the hand if they hold blackjack.


How It Compares to Other Forms

Bonus Blackjack is similar to standard blackjack, except that players have the option of making a bonus side bet. Many people who have never played online blackjack before could find this choice unappealing. There’s no reason to wager on that hand of cards being dealt. However, this additional element of chance will be thrilling for more seasoned gamers. Those more advanced players who use card-counting strategies will enjoy it the most.


Gambling and Probability

Bonus Blackjack’s betting system is identical to that of regular Blackjack. The house has a minimum and maximum that players must adhere to. Bonus Blackjack typically has a side bet maximum that is significantly lower than the maximum wager that the house accepts. Before any cards are dealt, all wagers must be made.


Bonus bet payouts can range from 1 to 25 for a natural blackjack hand, depending on the casino. There are certain casinos that provide bonuses of up to 50 to 1 for hands that contain either an Ace or a Jack of Spades. For this reason, Bonus Blackjack is often the starting point for Canadians at online casinos.


The house edge is comparable to that of other blackjack games and is typically less than 1%. The percentage can be as low as 0.7% if the house rarely uses any of its decks.


Method for Novices

The Basic Playing Card Counting Strategy

Card counters should keep an eye on the deck and wait for it to look “hot,” meaning that there are a lot of Aces and tens in it. Most online casinos that provide Bonus Blackjack use a maximum of two decks, making card counting a lot more reliable.


Stay Alert

Keep an eye on the dealer’s up card and see whether it’s any good. Cards 2-6 are terrible, whereas 7 aces are the best. If your blackjack hand value is 17 or more, you should stand, whereas if your hand value is less than 17, you should hit. Double Aces or double 8s are also solid candidates for splitting. And in the Bonus Blackjack game, you should probably hit with an Ace.


The Term to Remember Is Wallet

Before beginning any game, it is wise to set a limit on how much money you are ready to lose and never budge from that amount. How long do you intend on playing for? Do you want to get in and out quickly, or do you want to stay for a while? This will help you determine how much money you’ll need to play for that length of time. Don’t give in to the urge to play more rounds. If you’re on a losing streak, don’t play more hands than you originally intended, and if you’re on a winning streak, don’t play more hands than you originally intended to play for real money.


Accessible on Mobile Devices

Several of the best Canadian mobile casinos for real money provide Bonus Blackjack. The ones we feature here are accessible on a wide variety of mobile gadgets and computers, including Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPad), Microsoft’s Windows, BlackBerry, Google’s Android (LG, Samsung Galaxy), and more. Simply launch your preferred web browser and navigate to your preferred website from our carefully curated selection of Canadian online casinos. You may have rapid access to blackjack games at several of them by downloading their free applications.


An Overview of Online Bonus Blackjack

Bonus Blackjack is one of the many thrilling and hazardous blackjack variations offered by online casinos nowadays. Canadian players may get their blackjack fix in the usual way, with the added excitement of a side bonus wager. You should play Bonus Blackjack whenever possible in an online casino.


Are you willing to give it a shot? Why not check out our picks for the best Canadian-friendly Bonus Blackjack sites of 2023?



Tell me how to play it.

It’s played just like regular blackjack, except that before the cards are dealt, an additional side bet can be placed. This is a real money wager on whether or not the dealer will make a natural blackjack hand. Bonus bets typically offer payouts of 25:1 or greater (depending on the casino) if they are successful.

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