Best Prepaid Cards for Online Gambling

Let’s begin Wild Coaster with the most popular option out there. Visa prepaid cards are available pretty much everywhere. Plenty of online gambling sites accept them and you can get one in most countries.

The good news here is that Visa offers a bunch of different solutions. You can pick one-off or reloadable cards. The second type is excellent if you plan to use the same card multiple times in the future.

It’s a flexible option that can be used for betting, casino games, poker, and more. The deposits are instant and the amount you can add varies greatly. Not to mention that Visa is among the most reputable payment providers in the world.

Prepaid MasterCard
Company: MasterCard
One-off/Reloadable: Both
Availability: High
Next in line are prepaid cards from MasterCard. Almost anything I’ve said about Visa applies to them as well. You can pick between one-off and reloadable cards, so get the one that suits your needs.

The fees are very low, the cards are safe, and plenty of online sites for gambling accept them. You should comfortably bet on your favorite games using a prepaid MasterCard. The banking method is available in a bunch of countries, so you’ll most probably have access to the card.

Another excellent option would be to use PaySafeCard. The company has been around for ages and has built quite the reputation. Its products are available in over 40 countries and there are multiple options to grab a PaySafeCard.

You can buy one at a fixed value from stores, gas stations, and other objects. The alternative is to use PaySafeCard’s website. Once you create an account and add a payment option, you can load any amount you want.

Many online gambling sites accept prepaid cards of this type, including sportsbooks, poker rooms, internet casinos, bingo rooms, and more.

More Prepaid Cards for Online Gambling
We already covered the best prepaid cards for online gambling, but there are other reliable alternatives. The reason we don’t like them as much is that they are not widely available. You can’t find them in certain countries, and fewer online gambling sites accept them.

Outside of that, they are also safe, fast, and convenient to use. So simply buy one for the value you’re looking for and give it a go if you want to try them.

Here are the options at your disposal.

American Express Prepaid Cards – Similar to Visa and MasterCard, just a bit less popular.
PayPal Prepaid Cards – Limited countries are supported, but that’s one of the safest options available.
Skrill Prepaid Cards – Another e-wallet that offers prepaid cards you can use to gamble online.
EcoCard – This product is offered by ecoPayz, one of the most renowned companies that provide online payment solutions.
NeoSurf Prepaid Card – Another familiar name from the industry that offers various prepaid cards you can use for online gambling.
There are even more options in certain countries and you can often find local supplies of prepaid cards too. Some of the bigger ones are accepted for online gambling, so you should be able to find a suitable solution.

Pros and Cons of Using Prepaid Cards
You should learn all the benefits and downsides of using prepaid cards for online gambling before you spend any money on them.

Let’s begin with the positives.

Widely Available – You can pick between many prepaid cards that work for online gambling, so using a convenient solution is easy.
Safe to Use – Prepaid cards are one of the safest options out there. You can simply use them and get rid of them, no sensitive information is at risk.
Fixed Spending – You have control over your spending because there are no credit lines when it comes to prepaid cards. You can only gamble with the amount you loaded in the card.
Mobile-Friendly – Most prepaid card providers have mobile apps, so you can get the job done instantly on the move.
A lot of people are happy with prepaid cards, but there are cons to using them too. Let’s check them out.

No Withdrawals – Most prepaid cards can be used to make a deposit to online gambling sites, but you can’t withdraw your funds later on. You need to add another payment option to do that.
Lower Limits – If you want to make a large deposit, it’s likely not going through with a prepaid card. Most gambling sites have low limits for this banking method.
Limited Bonuses and Promotions – Some online gambling bonuses and promotions can’t be claimed with a prepaid card deposit.
To sum up all the pros and cons, prepaid cards are fast, easy, and a good choice for small deposits to online gambling sites. If you want to add more money and get a large bonus, you should choose other options.

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