How the WagerWorks Blackjack Game Operates and Where You Can Play it

The gaming company WagerWorks is responsible for the development of many different online variations of the traditional card and table game blackjack.

International Game Technology is one of the most successful companies in the world that is involved in the casino industry. WagerWorks is a division of International Game Technology. IGT is the name of the corporation that, a few years ago, paid close to one hundred million dollars to acquire WagerWorks along with all of its software. The majority of sites that provide WagerWorks games are those that do not target clients in the United States of America. These sites are mostly located in Europe; however, some of these sites conduct business with customers as far away as Canada and Australia.

At one point in its history, WagerWorks was a relatively minor subsidiary of Silicon Gaming, a significant producer of land-based slot machines and other types of gaming devices. WagerWorks was established for the express purpose of developing original and forward-thinking video games for the online industry. The firm was created by a collection of artists, Flash animators, game designers, and casino executives who are all still actively working in the industry to produce a library of games that have received positive reviews.

Both the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the gaming licensing agencies of the Isle of Man have granted WagerWorks a license to operate legally.
Both of these companies may be found on the illustrious “white list” of lawful gambling operators in the United Kingdom. They are both important powers in the regulating business.

The next sections of this page will take a look at the several varieties of blackjack that are offered, the house edge for each, as well as some remarks on the optimal strategy for playing blackjack at an online casino that is powered by WagerWorks.

Games Can Be Played
WagerWorks is responsible for seven unique variations of blackjack, making their library of blackjack games among the most diverse and intriguing of all the designers whose work we examined. However, the fact that the games are available in a large number of different iterations does not always suggest that they are any good.

The following is a list of blackjack games that may be played using the WagerWorks software:

Blackjack (card game)
Blackjack played in Europe
Blackjack with a Hot Streak
Blackjack with many hands.
Blackjack Power Play 20+ 21 and 3 blackjack Blackjack (card game)
Power Blackjack is the finest game to play in terms of the house advantage that is already built into the game. When the game is played using traditional strategy, the house advantage is 0.23%, which is around half of what is typical for the business. The second greatest game in terms of odds is European Blackjack, which only has a 0.3% house advantage.

The fact that none of these games was very advantageous for the house came as a pleasant surprise to all of us. The poorest of the seven different versions of blackjack is Multi-Hand Blackjack, which has a house advantage of 0.5%. Even at that level, the number of hands is less than in the multi-hand blackjack variations created by the vast majority of other designers.

You’ll find an outline of the rules for each of the seven different blackjack variations that WagerWorks offers below. This covers details regarding the house advantage offered by each game. You could decide to play a new game every time, depending on what you want to accomplish. For example, if you are a multi-hand enthusiast, you could be ready to take a house advantage of 0.5% in return for the opportunity to play up to five hands at once. This is because multi-hand fans tend to be more risk-tolerant.
Staying with blackjack is your best bet if you want to minimize the house advantage you offer the casino in order to maximize your winnings.

Blackjack (card game)

This variation of the traditional casino game uses the Vegas-style rules developed by WagerWorks. It features a house edge that is about typical for an online blackjack game, which gives the casino an advantage of 0.46%. When playing blackjack, a shoe containing eight decks of cards is used virtually. It is essential for the dealer to take a soft 17 position. You’ll also note that the dealer glances for blackjack in the American way, which is something you’ll recognize immediately. Every player has the ability to double down on any two cards, and they can even do so after splitting their hands. Even the visuals, which are rather average, give the impression that you are playing a more traditional version of online blackjack than you are likely to find elsewhere.

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